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Yoga for Teens Training

Three day "Yoga for Teens Training" for teachers, yoga teachers and those working with young people. Participants will gain a toolbox of resources to create yoga and mindfulness classes for adolescents that aim to enhance connectedness, sense of self and advocates lifelong commitment to health.

  • Gain an understanding of the teen ‘mind’ adolescent psychology
  • An introduction to understanding anatomical / physiological development 
  • Practice teaching yoga postures safely and effectively for teens
  • An introduction to philosophy, pranayama and mindfulness techniques for teens
  • An overview of anatomy, psychology and philosophy for teens
  • Class ideas for mixed genders and ages
  • Classroom management strategies, inclusion and sequencing techniques
  • Establishing and implement self care strategies in accordance with education guidelines.

Both practical and theory based sessions over 20 hours to fill your toolbox with ideas to promote positive mental health through yoga and mindfulness.