Yoga for Teens teacher training graduates - Jakarta, Indonesia - August 2018

Yoga for Teens teacher training graduates - Jakarta, Indonesia - August 2018

"Chloe is one of my favorite teachers of all time! The tranquility and fine balance between effort and ease in Chloe’s teaching is extraordinary. From the beginning to end of practice Chloe facilitates full presence in one’s own body, mind and spirit. I am extremly grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from her depth and beauty." - Nevena Krups

"Within about 5 minutes in Chloe’s class, I always feel totally relaxed and like time stops as I drop into that happy place where I am ready to receive the teachings of yoga. You can always trust Chloe and just listen to her voice, letting go of everything else to simply practice. There is always space to listen within too. It’s the perfect balance." - Sarah Wild

"I cannot say enough great things about Chloe. She was my teacher during my 800hr Yoga Teacher Training with Byron Yoga Centre, and I learned so much from her. Her teachings skills and knowledge, especially in pranayama, anatomy and teens yoga are just mind-blowing. She is such an inspiring teacher, very professional but at the same time so much fun to be around. She is simply fantastic!" - Franka  Balvin

"I completed Chloe’s Yoga for Teens Training and had such an amazing and informative experience. Chloe is a fantastic teacher and really inspired the whole group. I’m an English Teacher, currently completing my yoga teacher training but I would recommend this to anyone who has a love of yoga and teaching or working with teens." - Isobel Hill

"Chloe was my teacher during my 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Byron Bay. She was so down to earth and fun to be around. Her knowledge of anatomy and pranayama was really incredible. I felt really honoured to have a teacher that is so real and aligned in her practice. Chloe inspires many people and makes a big difference in people's lives... which is SO important, especially in the work she does with teens. I can see how teenagers relate to her awesomeness and get inspired to follow a path that is true to them." - Jess Raven